Friday, May 29, 2009

Sam and Keely Roberts Finish Preschool!

My four-year-olds have finished preschool. They sang Hippo Hippopotamus and You Are My Sunshine while Samuel looked around the church with his "hand binoculars" and Keely couldn't have been more proud to be singing in front of a crowd.

Next week they turn 5 and then we're off to kindergarten at the end of the summer. Sheesh.

Today we will go to the party store for goody bag supplies, party hats and many fine guitar-themed trinkets for Samuel's "rock and roll" birthday. We already have princess rations for Keely's party.

Meanwhile, Mia Roberts is looking forward to a lovely summer in Chicago, including many fine local trips to the farmer's markets in Chicago, swimming, camps, festivals and a trip to northern Michigan at the end. All good.